Maria Kuptsova

Synthetic Landscape – The territorial dimension of bio-digital design


In the last decade, the proliferation of machine learning, the adoption of multi-scalar robotization protocols, the progress in genetic engineering and synthetic biology, all have conjured the evolution of novel synthetic fabrication strategies in architecture. These are now actualizing cybernertic design methods and embedding bio-computational intelligence which changes our understanding of the relationship between the human and the machinic bodies as well as the relationship between the architectural and the natural landscape. This paper presents a novel theoretical approach, discussing the aesthetical dimension in cybernetic design. The following paragraphs illustrate how bio-computational aesthetics are now being deployed to re-define architecture’s design strategies.


Keywords: Bio-computation,  Aesthetics,  Cybernetics,  Synthetic.


Authors: Maria Kuptsova,  Prof. Claudia Pasquero, Dr. Marco Poletto

Published in Responsive Cities: Disrupting through circular design, Symposium Proceedings 2019, edited by Areti Markoupoulou, p. 60 - 71

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