reGENERATION is research project which investigates the pollution of water sources in megacities and offers a new way of decoding data on the state of the urban ecosystem.


The synthetic sculpture is based on Wolf H. Hilbertz's BiorockTM technology, developed to restore coral reefs and marine life. This technology allows crystal structures to grow by electrolysis - that is, by passing an electric current through a metal substrate placed in a volume of water.


The shape of the art object is programmed by the chemical composition of the water and is its interpretation. For example, the sculpture PETRA, one of the objects of the reGeneration project, presented on the sevkabel port quay, is based on water samples from the waters of the Gulf of Finland. The morphology of the installation depends on the pollution of the ecosystem under study: chemicals and metals create the aesthetics of the project and allow us to explore the archaeology of cities through the composition of the water. The sculpture ATIS, one of the objects of the reGeneration project presented at the MMOMA on Petrovka, is based on samples of Moscow tap water, inspired by the morphology of space and formally reinterpreting a quote by Dmitry Prigov posted in the museum foyer: "Citizens! Feel the approaching deadlines, deadlines of day and night, seasons, ages, centuries, epochs, calps and eons!" 


The project raises the question of the need for regeneration, that is, the renewal of the relationship between man and the environment. Man is used to looking at environmental issues from an anthropocentric perspective: distancing himself from the problems or trying to solve them, but from his intellectual paradigm. In order for environmental issues to cease to seem external and unimportant, it is important to stop feeling like an outsider and come to understand that humans are part of an ecosystem.



Artists: Maria Kuptsova, Marina Muzyka

Project team: Gleb Andreev, Denis Kozovec

Curator: Olga Vad

Producers: Natalia Nefedova, Daria Epine

Images by: Nikita Gusev, Alexandra Mikhailova, Natalia Pyatkina