The main chanllenge of the project was to set up Kuka-robot and its programming to the processing of log wood and the realization of timber joints using a robot equiped with a chainsaw. The project focuses on material issues, scripting and logistics of this process.

The first step was a log scanning. A bolt attached into the centre of each end of the log provides the point of rotation. The distance between the two support points are then measured and recorded. Whilst to rating the log a set amount of degrees the camera records the geometry which can be traced and scaled later. These lines can then be used to create a 3D geometry in Rhino. Based on 3D scanned geometry of the logs and its position on the base the path for Kuka-ro- bot was progrmmed for the fabrication process. 


Robotic Fabrication Workshop, IAAC. Tutor: Tom Pawlofsky