A cyborganic sculpture Arbor is a high-resolution 3D printed system designed by both human and non-human forms of intelligence and receptive for the interaction between human and non-human. Developed within the framework of the doctoral research under the supervision of Prof.Claudia Pasquero, the installation demonstrates a machine-learning-based design technic that is contextualised in a new form of material and formal articulation with an aim to impart biological intelligence into inorganic objects and synthetic environments. 




GAN Style. CTL Tangential anatomical cut .  x200 

GAN Style. CT Transversal anatomical cut .  x200 


Volumetric model


 Arbor sculpture, Potenziale 3 exhibition, Innsbruck, Austria, 2021


Author: Maria Kuptsova
Supervisor: Prof.Claudia Pasquero
Synthetic Landscape Lab, Institute of Urban Design, University of Innsbruck


Technical expert: Artem Konevskikh

3d printing material: Extrudr

Assembly support: Ernest Hager