Maria Kuptsova



CRYSTALLUM is a wearable piece shaped through the blend of material experimentation with crystal structure and 3D printing techniques. Its structural foundation, crafted from algae-based filament sourced from marine environments, not only ensures sustainability but also serves as a symbolic gesture towards addressing global environmental challenges. Infused with salt crystals, the 3D printed structure of CRYSTALLUM reflects the elegance of marine landscapes, with each crystalline formation narrating a unique visual story. Moreover, the personalized fit achieved through cutting-edge 3D scanning technology ensures a seamless connection between the wearable piece and the wearer’s body, echoing the graceful patterns of coral reefs. Each wearable creation is meticulously crafted for specific occasions, with the reusable 3D printed structure complemented by regenerating crystals, inviting individuals to embrace a future where art, nature, and technology converge to foster sustainability and aesthetic consciousness.



Crystallisation process | Microscopic studies


The structural foundation of CRYSTALLUM is realized through the implementation of an algae-based filament, carefully extracted from marine sources. This filament serves as a multifaceted medium, not only contributing to the structural integrity of the piece but also resonating with the sustainable dynamics inherent in our ecosystem. Being one of the main contributors to global CO2 re-metabolization, algae play an essential role in balancing climatic conditions. By encapsulating algae in the 3D printed morphology, the pieces act as an allegory for how art can become an active part in tackling environmental issues on a global scale.




The amalgamation of art and science unfolds further as CRYSTALLUM's 3D printed structure becomes the canvas for a transformative process marked by the infusion of salt crystals. Inspired by the natural deposition of salts in marine environments, the wearable piece translates the intrinsic elegance of crystal growth. Each crystalline formation becomes a distinct manifestation, a visual narrative of the intricate interplay of dynamic forces shaping the piece's aesthetics.


What distinguishes CRYSTALLUM is its individualized link to the wearer, made possible through cutting-edge 3D scanning technology. The morphological arrangement of this wearable piece aligns with the curves and contours of the human body. Inspired by the elegant growth patterns found in coral reefs, the design of the 3D printed piece emerges, echoing the formations witnessed in these natural structures. Each piece of CRYSTALLUM is a unique creation, meticulously generated with unwavering attention to the specific event it is intended for. While the 3D printed structure remains a constant, ensuring reusability, the crystals undergo a process of regeneration, anticipating each distinct wearing event.


Beyond its status as a mere wearable piece, CRYSTALLUM beckons you to immerse yourself in a realm where art learns from natural processes, and technology serves as a conduit for a sustainable and aesthetically conscious future.



Wearable substructure 3D-printed with algae-based material


Wearable pieces 3D-printed with transparent polymer



Wearable Design:
Maria Kuptsova and Korbinian Enzinger

Bag Design:
Haoyi Chen

Algae Filament:
Haoyi Chen